During Emile Nelson’s tenure at the Nexus, great gains have been made for Men’s Rights. He established himself as a leader of the incel movement by eloquently explaining how sex is, for the male, often an act of self-defense. The truth of this is clearly shown by the following lament from a man who has found himself involuntarily celibate:

But Mister Nelson also did a great service to mankind by developing a cogent argument to the effect that women who are not virgins have profound mental handicaps. By setting forth these truths, he dealt a serious blow to the misandrist goal of subjugating men under the promiscuous heel of a woman.

Lord Nelson appears to have taken a well-deserved break over the summer, though, and in his absence trouble is brewing. Known misandrist “Haley K.” has used her bully pulpit at the Nexus to shame men into once more obeying female whims. But we stand in solidarity with Emile Nelson and say, “Never Again!”

Haley betrays her agenda early on:

Although the basic standards for guys are much less demanding, many still struggle with taking the deceptively simple steps necessary to get laid.

“Deceptively simple”? Has Haley K. never heard the heart-wrenching testimony of those men who have been reduced to asking the government to find them a partner? The suffering of these poor souls will not be alleviated by buying into matriarchal beauty standards. “Proper pants” and “great hair” are merely further tools of oppression. And don’t get me started on chivalry:

Okay, so it’s old-fashioned, but everyone loves a knight in shining armor. Hold the door open, offer up your jacket on those cold nights, give a compliment here and there and remember that the occasional bouquet of flowers never hurt anybody. Go the extra mile so that they will too.

Men are being asked to follow arcane rules steeped in misandry in exchange for the sex that they are owed! Haley is treating women as if they were slot machines that release sex when the right combination of compliments and flowers are supplied. But as any MRA will tell you, that is not the right way of looking at things. Rather, women should be seen as the candy in those little bowls at banks that you can take even if you aren’t depositing any money. You deserve it, just for showing up!

Let us pray that Emile Nelson returns to us and preaches these truths again.