The Bottom Line, the flagship publication of our media empire, has a fine record of standing athwart history. This week that tradition was honored by Madison Donahue-Wolfe, who steals the Complain-About-Technology crown from Ben Moss”) with this deep insight:

As technology surges forward, and companies develop more involved and even wearable products, such as Google Glass, slated for release sometime in 2014, you must ask yourself whether being so connected to the web, to your friends, and to your device makes you in turn more disconnected from the world.

You must, you must, You Must, because our sudden immersion in “tech”, something that has only just now occurred, leaves us alienated and miserable, as a recent poll discovered:

This report [by Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers] went on to state that when asked how social and communication activities on smartphones made them feel, the two most common feelings users responded with were “connected” and “excited.”

We are now so “connected” and “excited” that we have ceased to sit and stare at fellow passengers while riding trains, keeping an eye out for guns and wondering when somebody will get around to inventing the printing press so we can fucking read a book or something because this commute feels like forever.