Local entrepreneur, inventor, columnist, engineer, guerrilla marketer and iconoclast Paul Burri is running out of ideas (this isn’t the first time). In his Noozhawk column, which he has apparently mistaken for a Tumblr, he’s already written about that time he poached an egg, that time he didn’t make the bed correctly, that time he went to Israel and decided that the Palestinians could learn a lot from the Israelis, that time he got annoyed when someone talked about him, that time he made up words, and that time when he suggested that Santa Barbara conscript people into performing manual labor and then forcibly remove them from town.

There really isn’t much more to talk about, but that hasn’t stopped dear Paul before. This week Paul titled his piece “Actually, There Are Such Things as Dumb Questions”, playing on an ableist slur to make the point that he has nothing interesting left to say:

Whenever I am in a lecture or an adult-ed class, my hand is always one of the first to go up when we get to the Q&A part of the program. And often, afterward, people frequently come up to me and thank me for asking a question they were too timid to ask. I am sure that whatever question you have on your mind, there are several others in the audience who have the same question but hesitate because it might be a “dumb question.”

At the risk of explaining the joke, this works on two levels. After having railed against the plague of “dumb” questions, it’s suddenly revealed that Paul Burri asks a lot of them himself. And the people who have to answer his questions probably can’t stop themselves from wishing he was dumb in the literal sense. But that wouldn’t stop him from typing.

I have nothing more to say about Paul Burri.