Classes begin again next week at UCSB (you can be sure that The Daily Nonsense will too), and nothing says “Back to School” like a local screaming “Go Back Home!” at international students:

Annually, we are flooded with enormous numbers of foreign students. I feel it is the schools’ responsibility to educate and quiz the students on local rules that can save their lives—and ours—making sure they fully comprehend laws, rules and common courtesies.

A Korean girl was angry she could not get a pink car. She ended up buying a white, fancy, convertible for cash in L.A. She pulled into my driveway and took out the entire side of my car. She had never parked a car before. She moved out the next day. Her one-day insurance did not cover the car damage, and she had to call her father to pay for the damages.

American children never use their parents’ money to buy expensive things and wreck them. Granted, that may be only due to Obama’s war on the rich (against which only a few brave souls are standing strong), but the point stands. Believing oneself to be above the law due to a childhood marinated in wealth is a condition exclusive to foreigners, particularly young Asian students. The PC police don’t want you to hear this, but Deborah Barnes has exemplified a characteristic American bravery by telling the truth nonetheless.