It is an expression we have all heard, someone is either “a glass half full … or glass half empty” kind of person. It is a not question of perception, philosophy or sheer determination to decide how you want to perceive the world. This is not an interesting concept either since it’s an expression and not a concept at all.

I would like to introduce a perception, which is different than the expressions and concepts previously introduced on account of it being a perception and not an expression or a concept.

If you are feeling too negative, and the “glass” is always half empty for you … pour it out. Literally stop being negative.

Sounds unachievable perhaps, and you might think this article is published on Santa Barbara Bullshit for a reason, but I have a book for you that is way worse.

Our local author, Rhonda Byrne (relation to Sharon Byrne unknown) has written several books, The Magic is one that shifted much of my perception on how to write grammatically.

While reading The Magic, I discovered a simple directive. Gratitude. Yes, it can be an actual verb, despite being a concept and not a word at all.

You can do actual scientific experiments with this concept, like discovering a causal relationship between New Age nonsense and cultural appropriation. There is even a science known as Spiritual Physics, assuming that “science” doesn’t mean science and “physics” doesn’t mean physics.

I could end with a quote from Einstein about human stupidity, but ugh why bother.